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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
24Bettle is an online casino and sportsbook brand offering a new way to compete and win. Take the opportunity to conquer the world with your favorite casino games! At 24Bettle, you not only play the best casino games from the best providers out there, such as Microgaming and Netent, but you will be challenged sideways to reach the ultimate experience!

You just play all your favourite casino games how you’re used to, with the opportunity to change your preferred mode according to your own mood. Are you up for some die-hard gambling? Select our Hardcore section for high risks and high achievement rewards! Feeling a bit of an all-rounder today? We will serve you some nice side achievements all across our casino portfolio to challenge you! Up for spinning reels? Slots is the right pick for you for today!

You can switch sections any time you like, and complete the achievements you want to - for the rewards you want. You can see the currently running and any upcoming Bettles for each section's style of play. All you have to do is select the Bettle you want to compete in (they’re always free!) and you’ll receive open achievements you need to complete.

Each Bettle has its own time limit, ways to win and you can only take part in one Bettle at a time. Finished with some time left? Go around again, your best score will always be recorded.
How does it work?
On 24Bettle you get the chance to create your own casino world. Once you register, you get automatically enrolled in the Casual section. Casual will always be active and have his achievement running no matter what section you play in.

On your home page you will always also see the 3 main sections: Slots, All-rounds and Hardcore. You can decide when and in which section you want to play at any time.

Each section is organized in achievements and levels you need to upgrade so you can earn more valuables and work on your personal multiplier.
If you get stuck on an achievement, no worries, wild cards are there to give you a free pass. Wild cards are deposit ‘loyalty cards’. They contain 5 rows and 5 columns, when one row is completed you will earn ‘Wilds’.

Every time you go up 5 levels in 3 out of 4 sections, you will earn a personal multiplier. Multipliers apply to all valuables and will multiply the valuable's standard value with MP.

And to give you even more action, occasionally you have the chance to test your skill against other players in Bettles, our global casino competitions.

Enough for the Basics, sign up now, and let us take you with us on the casino journey of your life!
Is it fun to play at 24Bettle?
24Bettle is classy, elegant and FUN! Fulfill your casino experience on a different level and with levels! 24Bettle is an online casino and sportsbook brand with an all new way to enjoy your favorite games and markets.

24Bettle is a fully responsive site, meaning we’ll adjust to any device you’re using, giving you access to everything you want, whenever and wherever you are. 4 sections to choose from, each with their own achievements and levels to complete, unlocking rewards tailored to the games you like. You can even earn Multipliers to increase the value of all the rewards you earn.

The Bettles is where things get really interesting! We’ve created a space for players to put their skills to the test against others, in direct global casino competition. There’s always an upcoming Bettle for your style of play and, of course, they’re free to enter.

If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up for free now to begin your journey and see what all the fuss is about!
Is it safe to play at 24Bettle?
Yes, it is completely safe to play at 24Bettle. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority under license MGA/B2C/340/2016, 24Bettle guarantees an honest and reliable gaming environment at all times. Our game providers have all accredited RNG certificates and most even have multiple certificates and awards. Our game providers have all accredited RNG certificates and most even have multiple certificates and awards.

This means, that independent and accredited authorities regularly test and control these games and software. The checks include, for example, the correctness and accuracy of the results and the function of the Random Number Generator. For you as a player this means nothing less and nothing more than that your game results are always fair and square!
Can I have an account at 24Bettle?
Yes, you are more than welcome and we would be happy to get you as a new player on board! Of course, there are a few basic requirements: you have reached the legal age requirement determined by the law of the residing country and in no circumstances you can use the Online Casino and/or the Website if you are under 18 years of age.

Please note though, that some countries and jurisdictions have not addressed the legality of online gambling and other jurisdictions have specifically declared online gambling and/or the use of an online gambling service on the internet illegal. The fact that the Online Casino and/or the website is available, does not construe an invitation or an offer by Us to use the Online Casino and or website in any country in which such use is declared illegal. Use of the Online Casino is void wherever prohibited by any applicable law in a certain jurisdiction. You accept that it is your sole responsibility for determining whether your use of the Online Casino is legal in the country where you live and/or use the services.

Please bear in mind: you asked if you can have 1 account! If you create more than one account, you might risk the closure of your accounts, unless you have written approval from us!
How can I get help if I have questions?
Anytime and from anywhere! We are here to serve you! Send us an email anytime you want, and it will be answered promptly! Or, you can contact us via our live chat, open from Monday through Sunday between 12:00-24:00 CET.
If you prefer, you can also contact us when live chat is not open, via our support form or just send an email to [email protected] and we will reply to you shortly.
How can I access my account information?
You can simply login to the casino, go to your username on the left panel, and select "My account". There you can check and edit your personal information. It is important that you always keep your account information 100% up-to-date, to make any required KYC process as smoothly as possible. If you see something incorrect here, please email support and they will get it sorted for you!
Is my personal information safe with you?
Yes, your details are absolutely safe with us. We will not share your data with others and we will keep your information private. Most of your personal data is encrypted and for the sole use of you and us!
Can I have more than one account at the casino?
No, you should have no more than one account. This is also stated in our terms. If you act against these rules, you risk the closure of all your accounts (unless you have received written approval by management).
I forgot my password/user name. What should I do?
At the top of the Casino's home page you will find a link to reset your password or you can click here. You will be requested to enter your user name or email address and you'll receive an email with further instructions right after. You can also ask on our live chat or by sending an email to have your password reset. You forgot your user name or your sign up email address? No worries as well, just contact our support team, and they will help you to get it sorted out right away!
I would like to self exclude / block my account. How can I do this?
Gaming and online gambling must be fun to be begin with. If you have reasons to believe your habits are unusual or may get you in to problems, we have several references noted on our website where you can find professional help. Please check out our Responsible Gaming page for the right contact details.
What is a valuable?
A valuable is a bonus you get when you sign up at 24Bettle, and rewards you earn with level progression.
Do I get a welcome bonus?
At 24Bettle, we don't have bonuses, we have valuables! A valuable is each bonus or reward a player earns, and it is personalized through an image.

As a new member we will give you the warm welcome you deserve! 24Bettle grants you a 100% welcome valuable on your very first deposit, up to € 240. You can select your welcome valuable when you make your deposit in the cashier, and it is already available to be selected in the lobby, after you have created your account.
Are there any valuable exclusions?
Yes, players from following countries are excluded from all and any free valuables offers, such as, but not limited to: no-deposit free spins, free bonus-money and or sign up (free incentives) for all and any (affiliate(s)) related valuable(s).

Bulgaria, countries outside the European Union, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine.

Valuables earned or granted by fulfilling achievements, leveling up, interactions with the Bettle Managers can be exempted from this exclusion in the event the player did make a deposit in the last 30 days. If a group of games is not available to you, 24Bettle may decide at its own discretion to exchange the free spins for another game.
Are winnings with Free Spins limited?
Yes they are! The payout for Free Spins is limited to a maximum of 20€ when the free spins are issued as a No Deposit valuable. The payout for Free Spins as a deposit incentive is limited to a maximum of 100€. Please also note that only players who made a deposit within the last 60 days before the requested payout can claim their winnings.
My valuable has not been added to my deposit! Help?
If there was a valuable available for you, you could have selected this valuable the instant you made your deposit on the cashier page. In case you have forgotten to activate a valuable, don't worry; we will make it available for you on your next deposit in that case!
How can I fulfill the wagering requirements for a valuable?
Simply, just by playing and enjoying our games! Every bet you make (depending on the game of your choice) will reduce the remaining wagering requirement in your account. The wagering requirements are based on the amount received as a valuable.

For casino games, our bonuses include a requirement of playing through 30 times the amount of bonus received using a valuable and deposit. Only slots have a ratio of 1:1 to count toward the wagering requirement. The other games count in smaller proportions as detailed in our Valuable Terms.

For Sportsbook games, valuables include a requirement of playing through 8 times the combined amount of valuable and deposit. Odds must be equal or greater than 1.8 and events must have 3 or more potential outcomes to count toward the wagering requirement.

This may seem much, but don't stop reading here! 24Bettle has its own unique and transparent method of dealing with wagering requirements! If you decide to request a payout even if you have NOT YET fulfilled your wagering requirements completely, this is also possible! You are able to request a payout for the amount you have already played through and you can "buy-off" any remaining wagering requirements.
How can I select and activate the valuable I would like to use?
When there is a valuable available for you (almost every day!), you will find this promotion on your deposit page. After you filled out the amount you would like to deposit, you can select the valuable of your choice in the cashier!

Some promotions have minimum deposit conditions (which are mentioned in the valuables line); or are subject to a certain order (f.e. 1st deposit 20% and 2nd deposit 40% valuable). If you cannot check a box, it means you have to use another valuable first, or you should increase your deposit amount. You can only take 1 valuable at a time. Any issues with activating a valuable you would like to use? Our support team will be happy to assist you!
Can I fulfill the wagering requirements of a valuable received playing any casino game?
It is important for every player to know that only the games at slot machines, Keno, Bingo and Scratch cards reduce your wagering requirements 1 on 1 with each round you play. That means your WR drops 100% of the amount you placed as a bet on the actual game round.

If you decide to play other games, your wagering requirements drop as follows:
Video Poker: 15%
Roulette (live and normal table games): 10%
all other games: 20%

Here is an example: If you place a bet of 10€ playing Roulette, your WR is only reduced by 1€ to 5999€, but placing a bet of 10€ at a slot game will reduce it by 10€ to 5990€.

On Sportsbook games, only bets placed on odds equal or greater than 1.8 and on events with 3 or more potential outcomes will reduce the wagering requirements in a 1:1 ratio.
Are there any limits regarding winnings with a free valuable (no deposit valuable or free spins)?
Yes, we do have certain limits in place for no deposit bonuses. The maximum payout for a no deposit bonus is 10 times the bonus amount received. Winnings with free spins are limited to a maximum of 20€ as stated in our bonus terms. The payout for free spins as a deposit incentive is limited to a maximum of 100€. Please also note that only players who made at least one deposit within the last 60 days are able to request a payout of their bonus winnings.
I have no balance but still active wagering requirements of a valuable I already played. How come?
There is no need to worry at all! With the next transaction on your account your remaining wagering requirements will be adjusted automatically. It might happen that there are still remaining wagering requirements shown even if your balance is 0. But you will see that it will be adjusted automatically when you make your next deposit. Should you need further assistance in that because your remaining WR somehow seem to got "stuck", please feel free to contact our support team which will be happy to sort that out for you!
Can I request a payout before I have completely fulfilled the wagering requirements of a bonus received using a valuable by using the Buy-Off function?
In short: YES! In case you made a good profit, of course we understand that you want to cashout at least some of your winnings as quickly as possible. Unlike many other casinos, we offer a very customer-friendly solution for this: the buy-off function! This gives you the opportunity to request a payout at almost any time even if you still have not completely fulfilled the wagering requirements. Have you cleared for example 70% of the valuable you can directly withdraw 70% of your earnings (including valuables and valuable winnings). You always get a clear overview of remaining wagering requirements and the amount you can instantly cashout in your account lobby.
How and when can I contact your customer service?
There are several ways to get in touch with us! You can use our support contact form, send us an email, or talk directly to one of our well trained and friendly support members via live chat! Our live chat is available from 12.00 CET to 24.00 CET (Mon. – Sun.). For VIP players we offer also phone support and / or a call back service.
Can I set a deposit limit?
Yes, we can actually do that for you! If you feel safer with a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit to be set for your account to keep you from depositing uncontrollably, simply contact our Support Team and they will be more than happy to assist you with this immediately. Our Support Team will set the limit as you request it. Daily, weekly or even monthly limits are possible anytime and for however long you wish to keep it active in your account.
How can I make a withdrawal?
If this is your first payout request, you might need to verify your data first. If this is required, you will be prompted to do so when you visit the payout page. You are requested to fill out a form, including data such as payout amount, name, and your bank account information BIC and IBAN. Once done, an email will be sent including a verification link. After you have verified your account, you have access to the initial payout form where you can easily request the payout. A player can withdraw his winnings at any time. In case a bonus is active, we ask you to first read our bonus terms.

The withdrawal process includes 2 steps:
Step 1: You request an amount to withdraw at the Cashier and type in your bank details. The status of your payment is then "pending" and will stay reversible for 48 hours. This status will be indicated in your account history as "2".

Step 2: Payout requests are processed after 48 hours; the status of your requested payout changes to "in progress". Our bank transfers the amount to your bank, and depending on the speed of processing, it then takes 1-5 working days to complete. Once this is done, you will see the status in your history changed into "1".

If you see a status 3 in your account history, it means your payout was declined, or you cancelled the request yourself and added the funds back to your balance. Common reasons for a declined payout are errors in entering your name and/or bank account information, or that your KYC documents have either not been provided by you or are insufficient.
Can I cancel a requested payout?
Yes, you can! Payouts are normally processed within 48 hours after the request. As long as this time window has not passed, you are able to cancel your withdrawal (partially) and keep playing our games with the cancelled amount. To check the status of the withdrawal request, you can always visit your history page. There, you will see a status 1, 2 or 3 noted behind your payout line. As long as you see a status 2, you can cancel your request.
Is there a minimum amount for payouts?
Yes, there is! The minimum amount for a payout you can request is €20.
In which currency can I make a deposit?
Your casino balance is always stated in Euro. Entering an amount in the cashier page to make a deposit, will also be done in Euro. When you do use local payment methods in another currency, the amount will be automatically converted into Euros.
Can I use my Credit Card to make a deposit?
Yes you can! You can make deposits using your VISA or MasterCard through our payment providers available in your cashier.
How can I deposit some money to start playing?
Making a deposit into your 24Bettle player account is very easy! Once you have created an account and are logged in, navigate to the cashier page. There you will just have to fill out the amount you would like to deposit (and activate the bonus of your choice), select the payment method, and you will be directed to one of our payment providers who will handle your transaction and payment over their own 100% secure connection.
How can I see the status of my requested payout?
Just go to your account lobby (payout) and you will see your requested payout. If the status is still marked with "2" it is still pending and reversible (it will be for 48 hours after your requested payout).

If it is marked with "1" it has been already processed and will appear in your bank account statement shortly.

If you see a status "3" in your account history, it means your payout was declined, or you cancelled the request yourself and added the funds back to your balance. Common reasons for a declined payout are errors in entering your name and/or bank account information, or that your KYC documents have either not been provided by you or are insufficient. In this case, you can contact our support team anytime.
Which payment options do you offer for deposits?
We offer several options to deposit at 24Bettle, some are country specific while other deposit methods can be utilized world-wide. Currently, players can make deposits via bank transfer, Giropay, Sofort banking (direct bank transfer), VISA and/or Master Card, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, PaySafe, Mister Cash, TrustPay, Ecopayz, Astropay, Euteller, Zimpler.
I have Credit Card issues, to whom can I reach out?
You can contact us via live chat anytime!
Please note: In case you have any questions regarding payments with your credit cards, please make sure that the credit card you attempted to use is active and has no restrictions beyond our control, in those cases you must contact your financial institution or credit card provider.
Is there a minimum amount for a deposit at 24Bettle?
Yes, there is. For each payment method, there is a minimum deposit amount of €10.
Do you need any documents from me if I request a payout?
If documents are needed our financial department will contact you after you requested a payout. You will receive clear instructions on which documents we might need and how you would be able to send them in. Until then, no worries, just have fun!
Which payment methods can I select to withdraw my winnings?
Generally we will process your requested payout via bank transfer only. Bank transfer is the safest way to verify you as a player and therefore to avoid any fraudulent actions. So please fill in your bank details when you request a payout as this is also part of our KYC procedure and this information is required to approve your KYC!
How long does it take to get the money after a payout request?
Payout requests are processed after approximately 48 hours. If it is your first payout, it can take a little longer, due to verification reasons. After we wired the money to your bank account it will appear in your bank statement within 1-5 working days, depending on the processing speed of your banking institution. You can, of course, speed up the process by immediately providing your KYC documents, such as copy/scan of your national ID card or passport, copy/scan of a recent utility bill and copy/scan of a recent bank account statement, all visibly displaying date (not older than 2 months), your player name and address, and IBAN.
I made a deposit and wanted a bonus but the bonus doesn't appear. What can I do?
If there was a valuable available for you, you could have selected this valuable the instant you made your deposit on the cashier page. In case you have forgotten to activate a valuable, don't worry; we will make it available for you on your next deposit in that case!
Which are your game providers?
Good question! And you will like the answer! We work with the most popular and best game providers currently available on the internet, such as Net Entertainment and Microgaming, more to follow soon. Because our gaming portfolio is so huge with well over 1000 games, we know there are many games you are going to like!
I can't play all of your games. Why?
We work with selected different game providers to enhance your casino experience and each provider operates under a different jurisdiction. Therefore, some games might be restricted in your country of residence. Please see below restrictions which are currently in place for listed countries:
Game provider Restricted Countries
Net Entertainment General restriction: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Lao, Myanmar, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, United States of America and The United Kingdom.
In addition to the above generally restricted countries, games: Guns & Roses, Jimi Hendrix & Motörhead are not available in the following countries:Azerbaijan, China, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine.
Universal Monsters (Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Invisible Man) and Scarface can only be played in the following countries: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Georgia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden.
Microgaming Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, UK, USA
Quickspin Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Libya, Macao, Myanmar, Northern Mariana Islands, Philippines, Sudan, United States Of America, Virgin Islands, U.S., Zimbabwe
Tain American Samoa, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, UK, USA, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, Vitnam
iSoftBet Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Belgium, China, Cuba, Cyprus, France and its territories, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kahnawake, Libya, Macau, Malaysia, Netherlands Antilles, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, the Philippines, the USA and its territories and the United Kingdom.
Merkur Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, China (People's Republic of), Christmas Island, Cocos Island, Colombia, Congo (Republic of the), Cook Islands, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Germany, Ghana, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Heard and McDonald Island, Holy See (Vatican City), Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Korea (North), Korea (South), Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macao, Malawi, Malaysia, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mayotte, Micronesia, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar / Burma, Namibia, Nauru, Netherlands, New Caledoni, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Palestinian Territory, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Republic of China (ROC) / Taiwan, Reunion, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Somalia, Spain, Sri Lanka, St Pierre & Miquelon, St Vincent & Grenadine, Sudan, Suriname, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, United States Minor Outlying Islands, US Minor Islands, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands (US), Wallis Futuna, Yemen Republic of Zaire
Alternar Netherlands, and the United States Of America
My game session was not properly closed? What does that mean?
Due to the fact that we work with multiple, highly reputable, game providers to provide the best and most extensive game selection to our players, you might sometimes experience a pop-up window informing you about the fact that your game session was not closed properly, and that your wallet/balance/game balance is therefore locked. No worries, in that case, it means that you did not properly exit a game from a specific game provider before switching to another game by clicking the "Exit" button, and therefore your "wallet", or game balance, is still locked with that game provider. If that happens, you just have to click on "Yes" to continue playing, that's all there is to it.
Are all games available both for computer and for mobile devices?
The short answer: No. Not all games you find on the desktop version are available on the mobile platform and vice versa. Without getting into technical details; the operating systems of most mobile devices and desktop differ. And to give you the best mobile experience, we only offer mobile games specially made for those devices on our mobile platform. More and more will be added!
You can browse directly with your mobile device to our website (https://www.24Bettle.com) and you will be offered a choice to switch to our mobile platform. Or you can go directly to mobile.24Bettle.com/! It is a fun gaming experience on the go - no matter where you are!
Do I need to install a casino software before I can play the games?
No, you don't! Our online casino is a web-based flash casino so our players may play our casino games without downloading any software to their local computer directly in the internet browser (or on your mobile device of course!)
Term: Big Win
24Bettle lifetime big win achievement A Big Win is a win of 15 times the bet placed at any casino game.

Term: Wild(s)
24Bettle wild Feel stuck on an achievement and cannot find your way out? Wilds will give you the “pass” to jump over the obstacle.

Term: Mega Win
24Bettle lifetime mega win achievement A Mega Win is a win of 30 times the bet placed at any casino game.

Term: Valuable(s)
24Bettle valuables The bonuses you get when you sign up at 24Bettle, and rewards you earn with level progression and participation in bettles.

Term: Wild card(s)
24Bettle wild card Your loyalty is rewarded with wild cards. They contain 5 rows and 5 columns, when one row is completed the player will earn ‘Wilds’:

Row 1: 5x deposits of €20 – 50 = 1 Wild
Row 2: 5x deposits of €51 – 100 = 2 Wilds
Row 3: 5x deposits of €101 – 200 = 3 Wilds
Row 4: 5x deposits of €201 – 500 = 4 Wilds
Row 5: 5x deposits of €501 – 1000 = 5 Wilds

or a completed column will give you 5 Wilds.
Term: Achievement(s)
24Bettle achievements Set accomplishments, either on a Bettle or for level progression. Each level requires a different number of achievements to be fulfilled to reach the next level in the section.

Term: Casual - Home Base
24Bettle casual section Sign up and you will automatically be enrolled in the first journey. Here you can prove your interactivity and get rewarded for going social. The Casual section is always active and the casual achievements are always fulfilled, no matter what section you are playing on.

Term: Slots - Spin and Win
24Bettle slots section Slots are your favorite way to win? You’ve found your new home. All achievements, valuables and Bettles revolve around the world of Video Slots. This is your chance to prove your worth and spin big!

Term: Allround - A bit of everything
24Bettle allround section Love to play it all? This is the place for you. The Allround section holds achievements and valuables from across all Casino games, Live Casino, Slots and Sportsbook. It’s the best of all worlds.

Term: Hardcore - Biggest Bettles, Biggest Rewards
24Bettle hardcore section Think you’ve got what it takes? Hardcore achievements cover all bases at the highest level. It is high stakes, high reward and you’ll only be competing with the best here.

Do you offer live bets?
Yes, of course, we also offer live bets in our sportsbook. So you can still place your bets while you are watching the sports highlights of your choice.
How do I place a bet in the sportsbook?
Just click on the event you would like to place a bet on. On the right side you will see the match and a field where you can type in the amount you would like to bet on that game.
How can I find out if and how much I won with my bet?
You simply click on your betting history on top and you will see a list with all bets that you have placed including the odds, if your bet was correct and how much you have won.